Xiu Xiu vs Kid606 - Stupid in the Dark Remixes [2014]

by Kid606



the band: Xiu Xiu
the song: Stupid in the dark
the defiler: Kid606
the remixes: two distinctly different remixes of the original song, and then one longform extended version of the first remix.

The concept: Throw some Belgian newbeat, land of rape and honey era Ministry, The Field, Suicide, Neu, Front 242, EBM, and Swans into a blender, add some Kale, coconut oil and almond butter and Viola.

Listen to the original song at the Xiu Xiu soundcloud:

check out the gore-ific video for the original song at:

What are the lyrics about ? Well according to some random internet user named Alllice who likes to leave comments on the website "songmeanings.com"
"This is about killing someone, possibly a recent acquaintance, and about helplessness of people, which are easily loved and killed ("in the dark")."

I am pretty sure that is not accurate but it sure is fascinating that we live in a world where random people can share their ideas about the meanings other peoples songs to other random people, seriously wow, thank you internet.


released October 24, 2014

all music by Jamie Stewart, additional production by Miguel De Pedro.



all rights reserved