Living in the Real World - DJ mix from Perpetual Dawn 16 10​/​21​/​16

by Kid606



I haven't really been into playing harder DJ sets lately, but this was a real high stress night so I just got caught up in the moment. This night was to be our biggest Perpetual Dawn production so far but the cops shut it down at 9:30, so we had to quickly take down the Soundsystem and move it to another spot, set up the soundsystem again and start the whole party all over again, the power wasn't properly sorted so the PA cutout whenever we got too loud. Which you can hear happening at the end of this set:)

Endless Gratitude to KP Lawless who let us move the party to her Safari Club last minute.

Big thanks to ubertechnogeniussuperfriend Sam Barker for recording it.


released January 19, 2017

Recording by Sam Barker



all rights reserved