Should I kill myself or have a red bull [Live Set 2013]

by Kid606



I don't know what do tonight, I swore I would take it all in stride and just stay at the hotel until It was time to go on stage but I showed up to early and now I am stuck in a room full of post modern couches, inconsequential gossip and two glowing fridges full of Red bull, the last thing I should be drinking if depressed or about to play a show, where I would then play all the songs to fast and then crash right afterwards (or during the last song if I am not lucky.), the night is young but I no longer am, so to no one in particular I ask "Should I kill myself or have a Red bull?"

1. Blood stevia sex magic
2. Lefthandpathfinder
3. Cloud sculpting
4. If I am only allowed one song on this album with cut up female vocals then this song is it
5. Dark Archipelago
6. Tokyo (Kid606 remix of Magic Panda)
7. Fun times
8. LSDMTB303
9. Toxic avenger remix
10. Love me
11. We call it life
12. Ejaculazer tag
13. Gimme summer-beachside drum & bass remix
14. Godspeed you African-American emperor (King Bastard remix)
15. Tomorrow


released January 13, 2014



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