Why I Love Life (2000)

by Kid606



A collection of moody, predmoninantly Treated Guitar and synth-heavy work recorded between 1997 and now, this seven song, appropriately sized 3" EP is almost like a snapshot of the Kid sampling his own musical
History, picking the most fitting pieces out of over a 100 unreleased and unfinished songs these are the ones that had to be released, a strong document of what was made in over 5 different homes, in three different cities and on tour in between.

Given Kid606's prolific output over the past three years, fans and newcomers alike will appreciate this highly personal collection of thoughtful instrumentals centered around family, best friends, ex girlfriends and trying to keep from stagnating if yr not keeping up with every new trend. Still completely fresh sounding to those already familiar with Kid606's oeuvre, it'd be hard to believe that any of the oldest tracks on this recording were ever written at the beginning of his career.

Points of interest:
*Mellow engaging multitextured electronica along the lines of Fennesz,
autechre,aphex twin, team doyobi,, Main and Oval.
*after many releases on labels like ipecac,Mille plateaux,fatcat and vinyl communications kid606 has proven himself to be one of th emost poular and vital members of the American electronic music underground with a loyal fanbase eagerly awaiting future releases.
*Not unlike the critically acclaimed “Soccergirl”, “Gq on the Eq” and “ps I love you” releases, “why I love life” will appeal to fans in search of a true emotional and melodic escape from there surroundings.
*a diehard road warrior kid606 toured the majority of last year and has played almost every corner of the world with many European festival dates in the fall
*kid606 has done remixes for a wide variety of artists like Depeche mode, Peaches, Ruby, Super furry animals, foetus and many others we aren’t allowed to say.


released February 4, 2000



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