Outside EP w​/​Jesse Quattro

by Kid606



“But doctor, I am the zany beat-mangler, Kid606!” To borrow from the classic joke, the tears of a prankster beatsmith are often hidden. Not so with Outside, where the surprising snare splatters and energetic disco samples are replaced by two disarmingly raw songs. The products of a scrapped album between 606 main-man Miguel De Pedro and drummer Ryan Chittick, “Outside” and “Holiday” wouldn’t sound out of place coming from Nick Cave on a special early-morning bender. The voice of doubt here is assigned to the smoky and mysterious Jesse Quattro, who spins “we know it’s hard to go outside” into a reassuring mantra – yeah, everyone goes through this.
Beyond Jesse Quattro and Ryan Chittick, Outside is also a chance for
606’s friends to shine with the masters, with an impressive seven remixes, including one from De Pedro himself. Hecq delivers a steroidal beatdown
to the emaciated nerd who originally asked for a holiday, while Portland’s favorite ambient Dub artist Strategy and Barcelona’s Cardopusher provide their own unique moody take. Outside gets some proper wobble rinses from DJ Rupture & Matt Shadetek, aXXo and BADXMAN.
And so, Outside is yet another side of Kid606, the ambient-drillnbass- samplecore-jumpup-noise artist, reaching new heights of honesty through the support of collaborators. “Hey doc, how about more of that Xanax?”


released May 5, 2011

Kid606 aka Miguel De Pedro is the founder of Tigerbeat6. He has also released albums on Ipecac, Important, Mille Plateaux, Soul Jazz, Vinyl Communications, Violent Turd, Carpark, FatCat, and 555. He has previously collaborated with Matmos, Christopher Willits, Jay Lesser, and Cex, among others.

Jesse Quattro is a member of Holy Vehm and Secret Chiefs 3. She has released on Amarillo, Tzadik, Web of Mimicry, and Schematic.

Ryan Chittick is a drummer from the bay area. In addition to Kid606, he has previously worked with Experimental Dental School and KIT.

Cover artwork by Sandra Boeckmann sandraboeckmann.com



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